About us

Satellite is an alliance guild on the Dragonblight server filled with members who enjoy progression and raiding at the top level of the game, but recognize that we also have jobs, families, and lives beyond Azeroth, Outlands, and Northrend. We prioritize those RL things first. In the limited time we have to devote to raiding though, we give 100% and expect nothing less from the folks we raid with.

The guild was formed approximately 4 months after Burning Crusade was released.  In order to keep the guild smallish and friendly, we have closed recruiting at this time for all classes except those currently listed at left under "Apply to Guild". If you are interested and are in one of those categories, please read through the Policies and FAQ below  before applying.

About you

We expect our raiders to have a solid understanding of their class and stay current with changes being made. Ideally you'll be extremely adept at "staying out of the fire" and have a strong sense of situational awareness.

We do want you to be able to make all raid days. But, if you will unavailable for an evening, it's understandable as long as it's communicated ahead of time and with good reason (work, family, etc.).
Gear should be adequate for raiding but knowing how to gear yourself is key.



Is Satellite recruiting my class and spec?

Check under "Apply to Guild" at the left side of the page and see if your class and spec is listed as "Currently Recruiting".


My class and spec is not listed under "Currently Recruiting", but I really want to join, can I apply anyway?

You can apply anyway.

Does Satellite accept transfer applicants?

Yes, if we are recruiting your class and spec, transfer applicants are welcome. Many of us were transfers originally.

Does Satellite have an age requirement?

Due to our rather adult guild chat and hours we raid, we have decided to only accept applicants who are 18 or older.

Does Satellite have a level requirement?

Your main must be at level cap to apply.

Does Satellite require prior raid experience?

The more experience the better.  The higher the tier content for that expansion the better.  If you raided TBC and cleared Sunwell, Black Temple and Tempest Keep/Serpentine Cavern, but skipped most of Wrath of the Lich King that will be taken into account.

Does Satellite have a gear or other requirements?

Yes, you must be geared with at least heroic dungeon level gear (~ilvl 340). 


Is it okay to be a jerk to people inside or outside the guild?

Generally no, although we'll cut you some slack if you've been provoked. For example, playing the old "put 50g in the trade window and then go make a sandwich" trick on persistent beggars will not necessarily be frowned upon.

Is it okay to make racist, sexist, or homophobic comments in guild chat?

 Not really.

Is it okay to ask for gold, items, or help with quests or instances in guild chat?

Yes, but try to be fair, give as much as you get, don't whine, etc etc. We expect this to be obvious to the caliber of player we recruit.

Guild Structure and Leadership

What are the Satellite guild ranks?

Guild Master : Weyr

Guild Recruitment : Matchstick, Glorf Mikil, and Weyr

Primary Raid Leader: Mikil, Glorf


Member  ranks

Friends & Family : for real life friends and family of our raiders

Tech Support: retired raiders  & non raiding members

Intern: raider on trial status

Technician: raider


How do I graduate from Intern status to Technician?

Intern shall be the designation given to new members of the raiding team whether they are new to the guild or promoted from Tech Support status. A raid member will be on intern status not less than two weeks and not more than five. While on Intern status, raid members will be judged and critiqued on various topics.

1. Guild Specific: This encompasses such topics as guild/server relations.(generally whether you're an emo-filled asshat or not)

2. Raiding Specific: This would encompass damage/healing output that is in line with your gear. Survivability, or whether you've learned to stay out of the fire or not. Ability to take direction. Being prepared for each fight in regards to gear and strategy.

When the intern phased is deemed over, we will either promote to Technician, offer Tech Support status with no raiding involved or removal from the guild. The position will remain open until we have a Technician in place for that position.

Who are the officers?

Please see Satellite Leadership.


What is the raid schedule?

Satellite raids from 9pm to midnight (PST) on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Do I have to raid a certain number of times per week?

You will be expected to be online and ready to raid by 8:50pm PST each and every raiding night. We understand there are real life things that come up and a need to afk, however, if we need more raiders of your class and spec to fill the raid, we will recruit more.

How do I sign up for raids?

Satellite does not do raid signups. Instead, the raid leader uses the necessary raid comp picked from raiders who are online to form a group that will down bosses.  All Technicians and Interns are invited to the raid and should be available for back up if they are not in groups 1 through 5 in the raid. Players on back up will receive points at the same rate as those in the instance.

How is it decided which raiders get to be on the roster?

Our goal is to progress through end-game content without becoming a min/max guild that looses sight of guild unity and harmony. Raid spots will be fairly rotated among eligible raiders based on a need basis for said boss. Raiding eligibility will be based on knowing the strat for the particular boss we're on, gear/buff enhancements and ability as judged by the raid leader.

What addons are required?

Deadly Boss Mods or Bigwigs

I play on a Mac, is your Vent server be configured for this?



Does Satellite use DKP?

Satellite uses EPGP for 25-person progression raiding. EPGP is a kind of relational DKP. http://code.google.com/p/epgp/

How is loot handled in 5-mans?

Straightforward need/greed. Use the group loot interface, that's what it's there for. Try not to loot in combat unless it's clearly a fast and easy run.

How is loot handled in 10-man and other non-progression raids?

For blues and purples, master loot, with need rolls for loot people can use, and other stuff to be disenchanted with a greed roll for shards/crystals at the end of the run. For greens, luck of the draw -- if the corpse is sparkly for you, it's yours.  The final rules for 10 man raids can be defined by the raid leader at the begining of the run.  Typically this is to state that main spec > offspec.

Is there a guild bank?

Yes there is.


Can I have my alts in guild?

Applicants on trial status (Intern rank) may have up to two alts in guild until they are confirmed as full members. Full members may have as many alts in guild as they like. If this starts to overload the guild roster we'll ask people to trim some of the less active ones.

Can alts raid and get loot?

Yes, but priority on both raid spots and loot will be given to mains.


Problem resolution

What do I do if I am unhappy about how the guild is doing something?

Post in the Guild Discussion forum. We prefer these kinds of discussions to be out in the open rather than trying to channel it all through and the raid leaders. When you post, try to take a constructive tone and suggest possible solutions for discussion. That's more helpful than just pointing out the problem. Name calling and slander will not be tolerated.


What do I do if I am unhappy with how someone in the guild is behaving?

If you have a problem with another guild member and you haven't been able to resolve it between the two of you, then you should let the Guild Leader know. Keep in mind that you don't have to like every person in the guild, you just have to get along well enough to enjoy raiding on the same team. But if a conflict is continuing and really making you unhappy, then let Wier know.


What is the secret word?

The secret word is BACON.

I have another question!

If you are an applicant or considering applying, you can post it in the Applicant Questions forum. If you are a current guild member, you can post it in the Guild Discussion forum.